Travel Tips

For travelling to Bhutan, please don’t forget to bring following things during your trip. Your trip will be more rewarding and worth travelling if you bring the necessary things and follow certain directions:


Almost all the district in the country provide comfortable accommodation for the guests. Moreover, hotels and resorts ranging from 5- Star is available in certain district and in most, there are certain starred hotels, resorts and farmhouse. It’s mandatory for all the tour operators to keep their guests in a starred hotel during their entire stay. Therefore, your accommodation won’t be an issue if you come through proper licensed tour operator like Bhutan Charu Tours & Treks.


Currency of Bhutan is Ngultrum (Nu) which has same value with that of Indian Rupee. The exchange rate of 1US Dollar is equivalent to Nu. 71.08 (as of Nov.2019) *subject to change. Foreign currencies can be exchanged from the Airport as soon as you arrive in the country as well as any bank out let in the district. Almost all the district in the country have bank that provide exchange service.


Bring your cloth according to the season of Bhutan. Winter (December, January, February) will be cold and you might get to experience snowfall. Thus, bring warm clothes to keep yourself warm and cozy. A thick jacket, pant, gloves and clothings can be additional help. Such clothings will be  useful if you are trekking too.

Summer (June, July, August) will be warm and you need normal clothes to travel around. Shorts can be used during summer.

Shorts are allowed in casual walks to towns and hikes but proper clothing (long pants) are mandatory for monumental visit and public places.


Bhutan is not a wonderland that totally separate you from the rest of the world. Telecommunication like internet, telephone, mobile and latest technology are used everyday in all the parts of the country. So, be comfortable as you can stay connected to your loved ones. Strength of the internet connectivity is too stable and won’t disrupt and dishearten you from your calls and internet related tasks.


Bhutanese food is spicy and most often, the favourite dish of the Nation is referred to as “Ema Datshi”, a combination of Chilli and Cheese.It is so yummy and worth eating – try it to supplement your Bhutan memories. However, Indian,. Continental, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and most dishes are served and prepared by the expert chefs.


Visa is a must for tourist travelling to Bhutan except from India, Bangladesh and Maldives. Every tourist need a visa which can be obtained from the Department of Immigration by Bhutan Charu Tours & Treks or any licensed tour operator.  Visas are issued once booking is confirmed. The charge for Visa is US $40 per person as of Nov.2019.



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