The richness of flora has made Bhutan one of the most attractive places to admire the beauties of natural flowers. The country has been described as the treasury house of the ethno botany. The harmonious co-existence between the pristine wild flowers of the Himalayas and the humans can attract the naturalists of the world.

In early spring, white magnolias and red rhododendrons in the mid-mountain zone go into full bloom, and then primulus and many other flowers will open in the sunny fields. By the rainy season, blue poppies and others constitute the rare beauties. Epiphytic orchids begin to bloom when the rainy season comes. At the end of the rain, the alpine meadow abruptly turns from green to brown and only few flowers like gentians and edelweiss remain and snow will soon cover them.

This is non-trekking tour with lot of time to do botany. There will be also time to do lot of walking.

The Royal Botanical park, also known as the Rhododendron Garden at Lamperi is about half and hour drive towards Punakha/Wangdue. With your spirits still high from the visit to the awesome sites of Dochula Pass with its 108 stupas and the beautifully arranged Himalayan mountain ranges, you will descend down to Rhododendron Botanical Garden, a nature reserve rich in flora and fauna and beautiful in itself. After the almost surreal experience of the flutter of colorful prayer flags, the image of Dochula’s sublimity and a most wonderful sight where the earth touched the sky, you will be enthralled to find yourself amongst another similar natural environment: fresh air breeze, the twittering of the birds, distant barking of a Barking Deer that breaks the silence of the garden. The recorded species are the monal pheasants, blood pheasants, musk deer, tiger, leopard, red panda and the leopard cat. A Rhododendron garden with 46 species of the plant is the theme of the botanical garden. Located 30 KMS from capital, the park has numerous view points, trekking routes, a lake and a canteen. At this park, you can indulge yourself amongst these rich biodiversity. The clean air is fluttered from the cool broad leaf and mixed conifer forests. More than hundreds of species of fauna in this rich eco diversity park will let you experience the wild as though during the olden days when time stood still. You can walk around through the green lushes and maroon pregnant strawberries, wild and rare flowers in bloom and catch glimpses of runaway mountain birds.

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