(Altitude: 1,800 – 5,400m approx.)

The beautiful valley is home to many of Bhutan’s old monasteries and temples. The valley is also home to Mount Jhomolhari (7,314 meters) situated at the northern end of the valley. Paro international airport is located in this district and Paro is one of the most important tourist hub in the country with wide range of tourist attractions as well as facilities.

Drukgyal Dzong: Built in 1649 to commemorate the victory of Bhutanese over the allied Tibetan-Mongolian forces. The Dzong as a defense fortress is said to have housed the finest armory in the country.

Ta Dzong: Built as a watchtower it was converted into a national museum in 1968. Ta Dzong or the National Museum depicts the rich cultural heritage of Bhutan and it’s just 8km away from the Paro main town.

Taktsang Monastery: The Taktsang, popularly known as the “Tiger’s Nest” is perched on the side of a cliff at a height of 900m above the Paro valley. Tasktshang Monastery: Your visit to Bhutan will be incomplete without visiting Tasktsang monastery. This monastery is an extraordinary monastery with spectacular beauty and a hike normally 3-4 hours for a tourist from the road point. It’s also one of the 100 wonders of the world.

 Kyichu Lhakhang: This monastery dates back to the 7th century and is one of the most oldest and sacred

Chelaila : It is the highest motor able road point in the country with an altitude of 3,988 meters( 13,084 ft) between paro & Haa. The spectacular view Jumolhari and the rising sun will be the supplement of your morning tea at the highest road point. It is 35km from Paro & 26km from Haa.

Tachogang Monastery : This monastery is located across the main Paro- Thimphu Highway. It was built by a great saint Thangthong Gyelpo before 15th century and it’s popular for a iron bridge. You can have a short trek just to breath the fresh air and a scenic view of the river.

Tshenden incense: Located just 5 minutes drive from Paro International Airport. Tshenden Incense manufactures traditional herbal incense for more than a century. Incense is used as a room refresher and to drive away the evil spirit( Buddhist beliefs). Visit and purchase some if you wish to gift your friends back in the country. processing of the incense will be showcased while visiting the company.