If you would like a truly Bhutanese authentic experience, we can arrange a personalized stay with a Bhutanese family in a traditional farmhouse. You will get a unique, up-close look at the Bhutanese way of life and learn firsthand about the culture. The farmhouses are located in a peaceful, picturesque spot just outside of the main town and are within walking distance. The farm houses are Bhutanese traditional houses with just the ground and first floor, where most of the family members stay in same house and practice daily farming activities. Local sleep on floors, use thin mat, mother cooks meal for family members, we sit around the fire and talk with them with handful fried rice and butter tea/ara. Our guests will also spend their night in the farm house to experience the ethnic life of the Bhutanese in the rural areas. Bath rooms shall not be decent, no flash, no hot water, no bath tub, no western toilet but we can have very good experience of local life and that’s how they are groomed off.

 The family will set up your bed in the alter room, which is the most sacred room in the house, and you are welcome to meditate in the alter room if it’s your practice. You will enjoy delicious home-made Bhutanese traditional meals (dinner and breakfast) prepared on a traditional stove. If you would like a cooking demonstration/lesson, please let your guide know in advance so he can notify the family. Also, with advance notice, the family can prepare a traditional hot-stone bath for you.

Important to Note: There will not be a private bathroom–you will have to share the family’s facilities.

 “Go Local, experience Local, taste local and stink with the life long memories” is one of our unique itinerary and beautiful tour experiences taking you through series of Village Home Stay in Bhutan and living with typical Bhutanese families and children. The most interesting story and the people which you have probably never heard in life are found through travel plan under our local tours in Bhutan and staying in Bhutanese farm houses. Meals in our farm houses are never like in anywhere, probably the best. Parents don’t understand English, children are still in elementary school but we will still be able to share the stories, learn every day’s life and see the daily challenges faced by them. They are probably the happiest persons we see in the Land of Gross National Happiness-GNH.

Bhutan local tour can be organized in any of the villages in Thimphu, Punakha and Paro depending on your interest. Let us walk to some of the most beautiful villages of Bhutan, meeting interesting Bhutanese locals and hiking through fields of seasonal crops, are amazing experiences. Hand picking local available fresh fruits, tasting particular family special local dishes, handing over cloths, pens and pencils to some of the kids, clicking pictures, joining the family for meals and many more can be organized. Go local and be local crosses beyond the borders and let our guest be inside villages, this is one very unique program to experience by our guests.

Community based tourism in Bhutan and eco tourism in Bhutan are on the rising demand. Heavenly work for both of these and provide ever best tour that you can think of, this is very unique of us, try yourself, you will not only enjoy the tour but you will also help local to generate income and feel the difference next time. We bend with your interest and believe in private custom tours.

This exclusive tour package is especially designed to experience the Bhutanese way of country side living. Farm stay experience and interacting with the Bhutanese local people will give you in-depth knowledge about Bhutan and Bhutanese behind the scene.

For itineraries, It is our first priority to know your personal interests in-depth prior to development. We will then tailor a tour programme matching your preferences as much as possible.

Customize your request at our request form so that we can prepare itinerary according to your preference.