(Altitude: 2700 m (8,900 ft)

The valley of Haa is blessed by the presence of Meri Puensum, three small mountains symbolizing Rigsum Gonpo: Jampelyang (manjushri) Chana Dorjee (Vajrapani) and Chenrezi (Avaloketeshvara). The beautiful majestic valley of Haa will bless the guest with panoramic view of the nature, wonderful farm house with rich cultural etiquette and a fresh air to breathe.

Haa Summer Festival (First Weekend of July):

This festival is specially designed and initiated by the Dzongkhag administration with the support from the Tourism Council Bhutan. Haa summer festival showcase the nomadic lifestyle, unique Bhutanese cuisine, culture & tradition and traditional sports and performance by various groups. More and more tourist are attracted with the warmth of this summer festival.