Facilities provided:

Bhutan Charu Tours & Treks is a licensed tour operator under the Tourism Council of Bhutan and legally approved tour operator. Book your tour with us so that we can make your stay worth visiting and refinishing for the next repeated visit. There are lots to explore Bhutan and  we will make sure you explore Bhutan with utmost satisfaction. Upon your confirmation of booking with us , we will make 100% sure to provide you with following facilities:


The accommodation provided to you by Bhutan Charu Tours & Treks will be according to the Tourism Council of Bhutan approved accommodations. The hotels are either 2-3 star upon the availability of the rooms. Normally, a standard hotel of 2-3 star will be provided. However, 4 star or 5 star will be also provided upon the request of the guest by paying themselves. A standard hotel of 2-3 star will be provided with comfort of modern heating and cooling facilities and a spacious room with equipped facilities are available. Thus, our company would not let you down in having a comfortable sleep.


All the three meals (including water, tea with snacks) will be provided by Bhutan Charu Tours & Treks. Mostly your hotel will be serving you with breakfast and in some case, you will have the pleasure of having your breakfast with the rising sun and view of snow clapped mountain. Almost all the cuisine of the world are served in the country and you would never miss your home cuisine. Most hotels provide Chinese, Continental, Indian and etc cuisines according to the wish of the guest. Interstingly, try to explore Bhutanese Cuisine if you love spicy food. Your hotel or Home Stay can prepare you with Bhutanese Favourite dish “Ema Datshi”, a combination of Chhili and Cheese. Lunch and Dinner will be served along with non alcoholic beverages if u wish to . Therefore, your operator will take best care of your 3 day meal along with water (mineral/boiled) and tea but still you can enjoy your evening and night with alcohol if you prefer upon your own payment. There are plenty of alcoholic beverages available in the country.


Bhutan Charu Tours & Treks will provide you with  licensed Bhutanese Tour Guide for the entire trip. Your guide will be experienced, knowledgeable, frank, jolly and helpful person . Your guide will be fluent in English and a language trained guide will be also available upon the necessity of the language. We have Chinese , Japanese, Spanish and many other speaking guides for your proper communication. You can meet your guide in beautiful traditional attire (Gho for men and Kira for women) in a traditional welcome ceremony (with white scarf) at your first meet (basically Paro International Airport). Upon your meeting, your guide have a priviledge of interpreting  your itinerary as per your wish and convenience upon informing the company. Thus, you itinerary will be subject to change upon situation. Your guide will take care of you till the time you bid farewell to Bhutan with utmost care and dedication to his profession.


Travelling in Bhutan will be adventurous with modern luxurious cars and vans (buses). For most trip , cars and SUV will be provided with experienced driver who can drive in any weather and road conditions. Be ready to experience different kinds of roads with steep and narrow bends sometimes. However, your entire journey will be mesmerised with the tranquil nature and beautiful environment. Your travelling will be filled with stops whenever you prefer and whenever there is beautiful spots that can provide you with very fresh air (infact ,Bhutan is a carbon negative country and you will find the best air to breathe in ). Drivers of your car will be also professional ones as not every driver are allowed to drive for tourist. Tourist drivers are certain driver who are trained and licensed by Tourism Council of Bhutan with special permission to drive for tourist. Therefore, no need to worry about the internal transportation as Bhutan Charu Tours & Treks have wide range of transportation facilities that can travel you safe and sound throughout your trip but you can also travel by domestic flight if you are willing to pay on your own. Sight seeing by helicopter is also available at your own cost.

Trekking Equipments:

For a short trek, your basic camping equipment’s for trekking tours will be provided by Bhutan Charu Tours & Treks . However, for special trek, personal trekking gear need to brought by yourself or you can even get basic trekking gear from the shop in the capital.

Entrance Fee:

Don’t worry about your expense to visit museums, monuments and parks as all those expense or the entrance fee will be provided by the company. You are entitled for no fee or permit fee since all those will be borne by Bhutan Charu Tours & Treks. Most monuments need to be paid with entrance fee, so be happy as your guide won’t ask from you. Just smile and enter with a thirst to explore and learn Bhutanese culture.