Welcome To Bhutan Charu Tours And Treks

Bhutan Charu is a term that refers to “Wonderful Bhutan”. Since , Bhutan is a name of the country in which the company operate and Charu in sanskrit refers to Beautiful, Pleasing , Wonderful or Pure in spiritual sense and also “Charu” is a local guardian deity in Paro district. Therefore, with above significance, we named our company, “Bhutan Charu Tours & Treks”.

Bhutan Charu Tours & Trek is established under the umbrella of Tshenden Company  in Paro Bhutan. Bhutan Charu is the energetic and aspiring tour operator registered under the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators and licensed by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. The word “Charu” in Sanskrit refers to beautiful, wonderful, pleasing or something pure in spiritual sense. Therefore, the term Bhutan Charu indicates “Wonderful Bhutan”. 

We specialise and affirm to provide quality services and care to our customers from the time you make your booking with us till time’s eternity – we stay connected always. Bhutan Charu Tours & Treks offer wide range of services for our guest. We provide packages starting from 5 days , 7 days, 9 days and many more upon guests desire and plans. Our packages include cultural tours , educational tours ,festival tours, treks, holidays, spiritual tours and special tours etc. (mountain biking ).

The mother company is established in the year 2000 as a Traditional Incense Manufacturing Unit (Tshenden Incense Factory) and further opened its branch viz. Tshenden School, Tshenden Bus Service , Tshenden Handicraft and Tshenden Hardware Store with support from Tshenden Incense. Bhutan Charu Tours & Trek was a brain child of Mr. Chen Tshering who completed his Master’s in History from India and Master of International Hospitality Management from ECU, Australia. Bhutan Charu Tours & Trek offers wide range of holiday packages at the best possible rates with huge Special Discount. The company is specialised with comfortable cars for travel, breath taking accommodations and helpful staff. Therefore, please choose “Bhutan Charu Tours & Treks “ to be your authentic travel guide to explore the wonderful Bhutan .