About Us:

Bhutan Charu Tours & Trek is the aspiring Tour Operator registered under the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators and licensed by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. Bhutan Charu Tours & Treks operates from Paro in Bhutan with its branch office in Perth, Western Australia.

Bhutan Charu Tours & Trek is born from a Traditional Incense Manufacturing Unit (Tshenden Incense Factory, 2000). Mr. Chen Tshering, the founder and CEO, completed his Masters in History from India and Masters in International Hospitality Management from ECU, Australia.

“Charu” in Sanskrit refers to beautiful, wonderful, pleasing or something pure in spiritual sense. Therefore, Bhutan Charu indicates “Wonderful Bhutan” in the quest to feed everyone the wonders of Bhutan. Thus, 1st of March 2020 marked its unrelented service when Bhutan Charu Tours & Treks was awarded as the MOST PROMISING TOUR OPERATOR IN BHUTAN by the Global MICE & Luxury Travel Congress Award.

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